Perimeter Scanner Free
Network perimeter security scanner
  • Quick scan of any number of IP addresses and subnets
  • Comparison of the changes in network perimeter security between scans
  • Always accessible from anywhere without installation
Intuitive web interface, real-time dashboard and comprehensive reporting in a range of popular formats
Scanning will not affect data privacy or service availability
Non-binding and unlimited scans for any infrastructure, no matter its size or complexity.


Perimeter inventory
Perimeter Scanner is designed to locate all your company services accessible from the Internet. No more forgotten assets — everything is under control of management or the security department.
Service control
Daily scans help monitor the dynamics and legitimacy of introducing new services to the corporate perimeter. Immediate notifications about assets appearing on the Internet by mistake or without security testing.
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SSL certificates
The service monitors the validity of certificates on company domains. Set the time for notifications and never miss an update.
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DNS configuration
Incorrect DNS server configuration can cause internal DNS records to become accessible to cybercriminals. The Perimeter Scanner module for working with DNS allows such vulnerabilities to be detected in time.
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Web Application Security
Use the service to analyse Web Applications for:

— security headers;

— CORS configuration;

— CSP-policy;

— available HTTP methods.

In addition to analysis reports, you get brief recommendations to boost your Web Application security.

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who benefits from this tool

System Administrators
Perimeter Scanner finds ports which are accessible from the Internet and which software is being used for each port.
  • A one-time or regular perimeter scans for open ports
  • Compare launch results
  • Get scan reports
Chief Information Security Officers
Service helps to identify open ports which should be closed.
  • Continuous monitoring of all externally accessible perimeter ports
  • Detection of improper software usage
Сorporate Management
System provides an understanding of whether all open ports are open legitimately and whether they are being constantly monitored.
  • Reducing business risks associated with illegitimate access to company infrastructure (data theft, stopping business processes, etc.)


Scanner launch

To use the Perimeter Scanner, just register on the Def.Zone portal and confirm that you will scan your own resources. 

To do this, specify your company information and the targets of the scan (IP addresses, subnets or domains). The data will be confirmed within a day, and you will be able to work with the scanner.

During the initial launch, Perimeter Scanner will find all the company’s services that are available from the Internet. 

The final report will show information about open ports and the software that uses these ports. 

Analysing results and implementing measures
The report will help you discover ports that were opened by mistake or were forgotten to be closed. 

Also, the scan results will tell you which infrastructure elements are misconfigured. For example, the port which should be used for the website by default, is open to the Database Management System — this makes it difficult for customers to work with the website, and the company data becomes accessible to all Internet users. 

This procedure will help tidy up the perimeter: close ports that should not be open, remove suspicious or unused software.

Monitoring the perimeter
Once all measures to protect the perimeter are in place, Perimeter Scanner helps to monitor further changes. 

Set up a scheduled for automatic scans and monitor the results. 

A clear comparison of the scan results will allow you to quickly identify changes in the infrastructure and respond to them.

Perimeter Scanner Free
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